About Us

How It All Started

Our journey started back in 2014 in the basement of our Harrisburg, PA home when we started a clothing brand to change the world! We wanted to start a apparel line that would give back to the community with every sale. Based on the BUY ONE GIVE ONE model we quickly learned that we needed to bring our manufacturing and production in house in order to have the margins to not only be a generous, giving brand, but to support ourselves and a growing business.

As our experience, knowledge, and skills grew over a few years we finally felt comfortable printing for friends and family's churches and businesses. We reinvested everything back into the business for equipment, software, and education/training.

With our hearts still set on giving we grew our clientele in the non profit, church, and small business space. We love helping create high quality products that increase brand awareness while growing the bottom line for these organizations to do more good with. Your expertise is within your business, ours is in printed apparel and promotional products and together we can MULTIPLY our impact in this world.