Let's Stitch It!

Looking to add some flare to your gear? Whether it's trucker hats for your stylish brand or professional jackets for your business team, we're here to make you look awesome with our custom embroidery. Our state-of-the-art machines, paired with top-notch software for digitizing your artwork, mean your designs come to life just the way you want.

Our team's got years of experience, and we're all about delivering top-quality results. While we do love working on polos, jackets, and button-downs, let's talk hats – they're our true love! There's something super satisfying about seeing your design in vibrant, crisp embroidery on a high-quality hat. It just feels right, you know?

And speaking of hats? We've got a whole warehouse full of them! From the ever-trendy trucker hats and laid-back dad hats to cool bucket hats and cozy beanies, we've literally got your head covered. Each style brings its own vibe, and we're here to help you find the perfect match for your design.

So, whether you're looking to outfit your crew or take your brand to another level, drop us a line. We're excited to help you turn those ideas into beautifully embroidered reality!

How It Works


Got a logo? Great! Or if you need a bit of creative help, team up with one of our graphic artists to get things rolling. We're all set to prep and digitize your artwork for your unique project. The secret to high quality embroidery? It's all in the quality of the digitizing, and knowing exactly what we're stitching onto. Whether it's a sturdy trucker hat, a sleek polo, or anything in between, we've got the know-how to make sure your project turns out just perfect. We’re all about getting those details right, so your design looks amazing wherever it lands!


Along with your artwork we need to know what garments and products we are stitching onto. As previously stated, knowing this helps us formulate your digitizing to your specific project to achieve the greatest result.

Don't forget to chat with your account rep – they've got the inside scoop on all our favorite products for your brand or business. They're super helpful and can't wait to show you the best picks!


Now that we have an understanding of scope of your project, the blank garments will be ordered from our distributors and then prepped for embroidery. Our standard turnaround time for embroidery orders is 10-15 business days after approval and payment. Need it sooner? Talk with your account rep about rush orders.