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For Good PA

For Good PA

Thank You!

For Good PA was a great success! We are so thankful for the relationships we have formed and the impact we as a whole were able to make. It was not easy to navigate through that crisis and it was encouraging to see businesses and customers rally together to support each other through it.

During Phase 1 of For Good PA we were able to raise over $15K for small local businesses! Every dollar and every shirt of that played a very important role in keeping our local businesses here for good. With the success of Phase 1 and the experiences we have learned from, Phase 2 has been born.

Phase 2 is still in the works but will work to engage and encourage old and new customers to visit these local businesses and give them business. Phase 1 was all about helping these businesses through a time when they could not operate, Phase 2 is all about supporting these businesses now that they are open again. We are stronger together!

Phase 2 will comprise of a very local(to Multiply Ink) themed shirt that will act as a “super coupon”. Every participating business will have a perk in which when the shirt is worn to their place of business will get the shirt purchaser a perk, discount, deal, bonus, etc. The shirt will be valid at all participating business encouraging people to support all local businesses. There will also be a commission structure in place for participating businesses to earn revenue through the purchase of the shirt from their webstore.

We are still working on the details and hope to launch Phase 2 within the next few weeks and hope that it is as successful and even more impactful for our local businesses here in the valley. Thank you for your part in making For Good PA a community success.

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